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Thursday, January 21 2016

While core strength is essential, if you’re just beginning an exercise program, you want to be sure to first establish sufficient stability and mobility throughout your body. Here are two series of core exercises—the first will help you to develop stabilization throughout the core and spinal column muscles, while the second will progress you to training the core by mobilizing the limbs and incorporating movement.

Source: ACE Fit | Fit Life | Improve Stability and Mobility with These Beginner Core Exercises

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Friday, January 08 2016

If you’re like most people, you’ve recently resolved to lose weight, get in shape or maybe just to live more healthfully. These resolutions often include a commitment to exercising more regularly, but before you lace up your shoes and get moving, here are five common mistakes you’ll want to avoid in 2016.

Source: 5 Exercise Mistakes to Avoid in the New Year

More people join a gym in January than at any other time of year. While this can be a great first step, joining a gym does not necessarily mean a person will become more active. The key, of course, is actually using the gym. Before you sign up for a gym or health club membership, spend some time researching facilities. Make sure the gym offers the environment and types of equipment and classes you would be inclined to use regularly. And don’t forget the importance of choosing a convenient location. For many people, it makes more sense to join a gym that is close to work, especially if they are more likely to train right after work; others are more likely to use a use a gym that’s closer to home. Find out which location will increase your likelihood of using the gym.

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