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Thursday, September 22 2016

The human body obtains nutrient energy (calories) from three macronutrients: fat, carbohydrates and protein. Fat functions as a source of energy to muscle at rest, helps carry fat-soluble vitamins and contributes to the structure of every cell in our body. Carbohydrates provide the primary fuel for most bodily functions and are the preferred fuel for the brain and entire nervous system. Protein is vital for cell turnover and antibody production, and assists the body in maintaining fluid balance. It is because of protein’s association with muscle rebuilding and repair that it’s easy to get carried away with the notion of “a little is good, so a lot must be better,” particularly in the quest for creating a more favorable body composition. But the truth is that excess calories, regardless if they come from fat, carbohydrates or protein, will be stored as fat tissue and can contribute to weight gain.

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Tuesday, September 13 2016

Healthy food doesn’t just magically show up at your house. You’ve got to shop for it, and with the overwhelming number of choices available in today’s grocery stores, this can be challenging. Here are seven tips on how to fill your cart with the good stuff.

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Saturday, September 03 2016

There are so many ways to get fit and healthy for a lifetime; however, there are an equal number of ways to harm your health. Some strategies may seem healthy or even be healthy in the right amounts, but they’re often used in excess, negating their health benefits.

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