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Wednesday, October 24 2018

Some movement is better than none, especially when busy schedules get in the way, and there are countless ways you can get in physical activity. Even small bouts of exercise can add up to big benefits.

Here are a few key exercises that work major muscles groups and improve overall strength. They also can help raise the heart rate, enhance balance and burn calories. Ideally, aim to perform each exercise for at least one minute, depending on your fitness level. Squeezing in multiple sets of these exercises each day will accelerate your progress.

“Office variations” are offered if you’re more likely to exercise daily by sneaking in some movement throughout your workday, commute time or while in line at the grocery store. With some effort and planning, exercise can be squeezed in almost anywhere, so think about the spaces in your day that could be powered up with some movement.

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Friday, October 12 2018

Which comes first: shampoo or conditioner? Easy. It's always shampoo. If only exercise were that simple. No matter how good we get at understanding exercise science, there are still some topics that seem forever debatable. One of those topics is whether to do cardio or weights first. Which one comes first? We'd like the answer to be simple, but it’s a bit complicated. The good news? I’ll explain how it can be simple for you. It's only a complicated and difficult question if we are after an answer that applies to everyone. The answer for you is likely simple.


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