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Friday, December 23 2016

When it comes to the abs there is training for “show” and for “go.” The distinction between form and function is often misrepresented as an either/or choice. But I believe you can have both—proper function and great looking muscles.


The abs get a lot of work in many non-ab exercises, but to get the look people are after when they think of “nice abs,” some direct abdominal training is typically necessary. Direct ab training also provides the additional benefit of giving you a sense of which muscles are working at various points in a movement.  This awareness allows for more accurate ab muscle contraction when you are doing full body exercises.


The abs also have several jobs to do:

  • They help us flex, extend and rotate the torso in everyday life.
  • They have to move at various speeds.
  • They create both movement (mobility) and prevent or accommodate movement (stability).
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Wednesday, December 07 2016

Every health and fitness professional understands that the holiday season is the most difficult time of the year for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We bake, we feast, we travel, we party. In fact, every day throughout November and December seems like a day spent consuming more calories than expended.

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