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Wednesday, August 24 2016

Love them or hate them, squats can work wonders for your strength, flexibility, physique and power. This multijoint movement engages the glutes, hamstrings, quad, back and core, making it a great total-body exercise. 

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Thursday, August 18 2016

Short cuts are short lived. So why do we feel we can do something for a short time to get lasting results?  We feel all we have to do to lose some weight is to diet or to exercise for a set amount of time. Then presto we get the body, the good health we want. Why do we repeat this self-defeating pattern of behavior?

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Monday, August 08 2016

Sugar is a carbohydrate found in many foods. Carbohydrates are often regarded as a “family” of nutrients. Much like other nutrient families (i.e., protein and fat), carbohydrates contain a number of members, some of which are useful to our health, while others simply add empty calories. Confusion often occurs when we categorize foods as all good or all bad. Instead, it’s important to understand the facts about carbohydrates, what purpose they serve in our bodies, and what we can do to ensure our diets contain more healthful members of the carbohydrate family.

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