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Saturday, May 27 2017

Losing weight can be so frustrating. Why is it that one diet works well for your friend, but not for you? There’s no one-size-fits-all diet, because all bodies are different. Hormonal imbalances, amidst other factors like genetics, correlate to how and where you gain weight. Creating nutrition and exercise programs to balance your hormones, in addition to getting adequate quality sleep and managing stress levels, is proving to be a much more effective way to lose weight.

While most people can be classified into one of four body types—apple, pear, hourglass and box (or carrot)—the predominant two body types are apple and pear. The location and type of body fat in these two body types are driven by specific hormones and have numerous health implications.

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Wednesday, May 17 2017

Your jeans feel tighter, your doctor’s scoldings are becoming increasingly stern and your self-image has slowly retired to the basement. Your role as a mother, daughter, employee, boss and more has siphoned your time and energy away from your own health. As a result, your imbalances of stress/recovery, eating/exercise and yourself/others has manifested in an unwanted layer of body fat.

An analysis of large population medical-assessment data comparing body mass index and percentage of body fat suggests the average American female now has about 40% body fat. Female body-fat percentages over about 30% start to carry with them increased risks for morbidity and mortality.

Negative emotions tied to accumulating excess body weight and fat make women easy prey for gurus, gadgets and gimmicks promising “overnight” results with little-to-no effort. While some find short-term success with these diet and exercise fads, most are unable to sustain the novelty of the “hot” new trend in their life. Body fat and frustration repeatedly return with a vengeance.

While the recommended interventions for fat loss for both men and women are fairly similar, it’s important to understand a few unique aspects of female physiology and how to overcome the commonly accepted mistruths and misunderstandings associated with fat loss and women.

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Wednesday, May 03 2017

No gym? No problem! A hectic travel schedule or no access to a gym are not sound reasons for neglecting your workout. After all, you can get in a strength-training workout just about anywhere at anytime. If you have 20 to 30 minutes and the physical ability to move, you can get in a workout.

This is a great time of year to take your workouts outside. And sure, it’s pretty easy to target the lower-body with activities like running, biking, squats, lunges and plyometrics, but you’ll have to be a little creative to make sure you target the upper body and core as well.  

The following upper-body and core body-weight workouts can be done anywhere—the only equipment you need is a bench. But even if you don’t have a bench, don’t worry—there are alternatives provided below.

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