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Wednesday, February 24 2016

Strong, toned, powerful legs build a solid foundation for the body. While squats and deadlifts can be used to start a client’s foundation, lunges can add the perfect finishing touches to his or her quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves. Here are several lunge variations that can be used to add more dynamic and agility-based exercises into your clients’ workout routines.

Source: 5 Lunge Variations You Need to Try

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Wednesday, February 24 2016

When it comes to helping clients lose weight, we need to turn to the evidence and learn what science suggests is the most effective and, importantly, safe way to help people achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Here are five nutrition practices that are likely to help guide people toward a healthy and sustainable weight.

Source: 5 Nutrition Changes Clients Need to Make to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

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Tuesday, February 16 2016

Don’t fall victim to sedentary environmental design and increasing sitting behavior patterns and start moving more today. Learn how you can add healthy movement to your work day and positively affect your quality of life, work productivity and sense of wellbeing, and decrease your risk for disease.

Source: ACE Fit | Fit Life | How to Be More Active during Your Workday

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Wednesday, February 03 2016

With so much conflicting fitness information out there, how do you determine the most effective program for you? First, it’s important to know that a well-rounded fitness regime should include cardiorespiratory training, resistance training, and mobility or flexibility training. Here is a summary of what and why each component is important in your routine.

Source: ACE Fit | Fit Life | Elements of an Effective Exercise Program


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