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Friday, April 14 2017

Webster’s dictionary defines “stress” as “a state of bodily or mental tension resulting from factors that tend to alter an existent equilibrium.”In other words, when things aren’t simple and predictable, the body’s physiological and psychological systems sound the alarm. This alarm places both your body and brain on alert for whatever might come. We associate this state with uneasiness, fear and general discomfort. Your heart and mind races and you’re forced to think and act in unfamiliar ways to overcome challenges.

For decades, research has suggested that frequent exposure to stress is inherently bad, increasing one’s likelihood for morbidity and mortality.As a society, we’re willing to go to great lengths to avoid this unpleasantness.We turn to medication, meditation and long vacations to try to dampen our natural stress “alarm” to uncertainty and change.Despite these large-scale attempts to “avoid stress,” it’s estimated that workplace stress costs companies between $200 and $300 billion per year. We’re running, but apparently we can’t hide from this life-consuming monster.

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