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Sunday, June 28 2015

Success lies in faith & perseverance…

Success comes from a strong will,

a relentlessness to excel and accomplish a goal.

It’s largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go.

You’re not finished if you fall down…

you’re only finished if you quit.

The most important quality essential to success

 is Faith & Perseverance.

It overcomes almost everything.

Have the courage to stick it out,

follow your heart and

allow me to guide you,

motivate you and challenge you…

by doing so,


By keeping your eye on the target and believing

without allowing yourself to be distracted from success…

You will SUCCEED!

Stay the course…

Don’t ever give in!

Follow through on your commitment to be your best!

I am here to fulfill my commitment to you.

I am here to insure your Success!

Your Personal Trainer,


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