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Tuesday, July 07 2015

If you recall, in a recent blog, I discussed the most important qualities that make for a good personal trainer. The first quality being that a good trainer has the appropriate certifications. We have examined a host of certifications available in the field and what a nationally recognized certification entails and an excellent resource to compare the certification or lack thereof in the industry.

Now let’s discuss another important factor of what makes for a quality personal trainer. A quality personal trainer has an above reproach reputation and excellent rapport with colleagues and clients. That goes to say that the trainer must possess exceptional communication skills. Remember the trainer has to wear many hats! She’s a coach, cheerleader, and motivator to name just a few. Although, a qualified trainer has what it takes to be all the above, she knows she can a better trainer when she works in collaboration with other experts in the field. No helping profession works in isolation! They elicit the expertise and knowledge base of other reputable colleagues in the field. This team building emphasis goes a long way in providing the best for the client!

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