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Tuesday, July 07 2015

It’s easy to sit back and think about all the reasons not to exercise. I’m tired. It hurts. I can’t do much. It’s just too hard. The classic excuse I hear most often is, “I don’t have the time!”

It’s by far easier not to even contemplate the possibility of exercise. You convince yourself – why bother entertaining the idea? I won’t stick with it. The hardest part is making the conscious decision to make that change in your life. Once you can tell yourself that you must make a change. That you cannot go on like this! Then you just have to do it!

Write out or verbalize what you want to change. Once you’ve done this – then the commitment is born. It’s time now to put words into action. Start your day, first thing in the morning before you can talk yourself out of it, by lacing up those running shoes and step get out the door for the track or the gym. It’s that’s simple.

Seeing the improvements you can make once you’ve made that commitment to exercise on a regular basis will be an absolutely gratifying. After this triumphal first step, the rest is history! Just do it!!!

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