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Thursday, August 06 2015

Is the fitness club or even private studio where you and your love ones work out SAFE? How does the equipment look, as well as basic overall club cleanliness?

Are the machines in shambles, and the upholstery cracked and split? Is there a build up of dust, hair, and gunk on the equipment? If so, that speaks volumes not only of the cleanliness of the club but also about the maintenance of the equipment.

The potential dangers in a fitness center can be observed likewise in the proximity of equipment, poorly maintained equipment, and improper use of equipment. But by management taking a proactive approach – through ongoing preventative maintenance, daily equipment checks, and having an attentive, qualified staff, many mishaps can be prevented.

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission spokeswoman Kim Dulic, there were an estimated 24,400 treadmill-related injuries treated in hospital emergency departments in 2014 – but just 30 reported deaths associated with treadmills for the 10-year period between 2003 and 2012. Moreover, per the CPSC, treadmills, free weights, stability balls, and resistance bands, four of the most recognizable pieces of fitness equipment were notably four of the most dangerous pieces of equipment.


A noted safety requirement for all exercise equipment is to leave ample space, two or more feet on each side and four or more feet in the rear to avoid serious injury or even death. Tragically, when safety is not paramount, accidents do happen. David Goldberg, the 47-year-old CEO of an online company, died from severe head trauma and significant blood loss after slipping and falling from a treadmill at a hotel gym in Mexico. Again, you need to ask yourself, is the club where I work out SAFE?

Think Fitness – Think Safety!

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