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Thursday, September 19 2019

Eat better. Get more sleep. Stress less. Feel happier. Be more productive. Have more energy. Hydrate adequately. The list of what it takes to be healthy and fit can seem both long and overwhelming.

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Sunday, July 07 2019

Change is the only guarantee on the journey to becoming a new mom. In a short period of time, new moms experience emotional, physical, psychological and lifestyle change. The postpartum period, in particular, is often a delicate and emotionally taxing time for new moms. Everything is new and the healing process has just begun. New moms might be eager to “bounce back” and return to their pre-pregnancy state of physical fitness and emotional health, but the time period after baby arrives is often more challenging than anticipated. As health and exercise professionals, we need to care for our postpartum clients and help them navigate their new world by focusing on a positive mindset and the goal of being fit for life.

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Tuesday, June 18 2019

Often overlooked in program design is the importance of incorporating exercises for maintaining bone health. Bones function in the body to provide structural support, protect internal organs, enable movement, store minerals and produce blood cells. Therefore, strong and healthy bones are essential to maintain these functions for overall health and well-being.

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Wednesday, May 15 2019

Setting goals and enrolling accountability partners in your health and wellness journey has long been considered the best way to achieve success. In the past, this work was most often done with the assistance of a personal trainer or, in some cases, self-motivated individuals with a bit of knowledge could give it a go with a notebook and a pen. Fast forward to the digital age and the options for training and tracking abound.

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Saturday, April 20 2019

When it comes to losing weight or reducing body fat, it’s generally accepted that one has to eat fewer calories than he or she burns each day. Many diets achieve this simple math equation for fat loss by applying strict rules on what types of foods to avoid. However, these diets often fail because the rigidity that characterizes these diets can make people feel deprived of their favorite foods or excluded from social events. Other diets focus on constantly measuring and counting portions, but few people have ever said their favorite part of eating or cooking was the math.

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Tuesday, April 09 2019

In a world where you experience a constant barrage of body-image influences on television, social media and advertising, it can be a huge challenge to maintain a positive body image. To help combat these negative influences, here are four ways to love your body and integrate self-love behaviors into your everyday life. Self-love begins with self-acceptance.

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Monday, March 04 2019

A new year is the perfect opportunity for a new beginning. Many people enthusiastically jump headfirst into new ambitious fitness routines and health behaviors, but these are often abandoned as quickly as they were started. The enthusiasm fades, and frustration and dissatisfaction set in quickly because they aren’t able to stick to the new plan. Unfortunately, this pattern is often repeated year after year.

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Wednesday, January 16 2019

At the beginning of each new year, millions of people optimistically set fitness goals for themselves. Unfortunately, usually within a matter of weeks, obligations and busy-ness typically increase while motivation and enthusiasm decrease at an equally fast rate. Feeling that life is too busy while also lacking motivation is a combination that has proven to derail even the best of intentions.

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Wednesday, January 02 2019

A diabetes diagnosis can leave even the most optimistic eater feeling downright downtrodden. It seems there are so many foods you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” eat when you have diabetes. But the reality is, you don’t have to resign yourself to a life of deprivation. There is a huge variety of food and beverage items that work well within a diabetic diet. To help you get started, here are four types of foods a person with diabetes may consider healthful.

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Tuesday, December 11 2018

In the past two decades, diabetes rates in the United States have increased significantly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 million Americans have diabetes—that’s 10% of the population. Another 86 million Americans are thought to be living with prediabetes—a condition in which blood glucose levels are above normal, but not high enough to be classified as diabetes. Public health experts estimate that one in three Americans will have diabetes by 2050 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). Individuals with diabetes who are able to manage their condition can lead a full life, but uncontrolled diabetes can lead to amputations, vision loss, heart and kidney diseases, and even premature death.

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